Last day at Zyzzyva

Today was my last day at Zyzzyva 🙁 I made Oscar and Laura cookies, but Laura was sick so now they’re in the snack room. Today I addressed envelopes again (although only 20, not 65) and I got to run them through the stamp machine. I’m not sure what its called, but its a scale on one part and then you push a button and slide the envelopes through a slot and they come out stamped. It kept getting jammed but I fixed it. I edited my piece more and read other submissions. Oscar took us out for Thai food for lunch and it was delicious. It was weird eating lunch at a normal time, usually I eat breakfast at 9 or 10 and I eat lunch when I get off work. It was super nice and when we got back I formatted and archived another piece. I kept messing up but I figured it out. I’m not related to an IT guy for nothing. I’m going to miss Zyzzyva, next week is Glen Park News and Modcloth. I’m doing an article about lemon trees and an article about parking meters, which means that I have to talk to strangers *gulp* I’m still really excited to see how different types of writing works because I’m interested in all of them.

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