4th day at Zyzzyva

Thursday was my 4th day at Zyzzyva. There was a new intern there and she was super, super nice. I got to Zyzzyva in the afternoon because I had my AP English test. The test was hard, but I’m glad I took it. Hopefully I got a good score but you never know. Anyways, at Zyzzyva I read submissions and logged them and I worked on my piece. I’m writing a review about an exhibit at the library. The exhibit is in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being built and it’s about what people were reading in the 1930s, during the building of the bridge and the great depression. There were well-known books like Gone with the Wind and Of Mice and Men as well as romance novels and books about the history of California. Its a really cool exhibit. I looked at it on Tuesday when I went to the library. After all the writing I did on Thursday my hand hurt so much, 3 essays on a test and then more writing.

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