What I did yesterday

Yesterday I worked on my lemon tree story. I’m writing a story about lemon trees and their impact on San Francisco (mainly, Glen Park) and how San Francisco can be self sustainable on lemons if everyone registers their lemon tree, then it can be shared with the entire city. Glen Park only has 2 lemon trees, which seems low, so the purpose of the article is to educate people on how to register their tree and why they should register. Besides working on that and editing it and re-editing it I also went to 826 Valencia for my Monday Night writing class. I’m working on a story about the end of being a high school student and these kids break into an elementary school where they hung out on weekends but now has a fence around it. The kids don’t break into the building, but to where the playground is and eat cookies and chill out. I hope it will turn out great.

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