Lemon Tree Article

Glen Park only has two registered lemon trees, a number that seems exceptionally low.

“It’s a perfect weather neighborhood for Meyer lemons,” says Dr. Isabel Wade, Chief Lemon Ambassador of Just One Tree. Glen Park is one of the sunniest areas in San Francisco, which is why it is ideal for growing lemon trees. Just One Tree’s mission is to provide cities, like San Francisco, the ability to rely on residents to source local produce. Just One Tree wants people to share their home-grown produce with others, which will benefit the environment since it means fruits and vegetables will not have to be shipped in from other regions, or even other countries. It will also allow more people to have access to healthy food, since it will be cheaper and local.

Just One Tree isn’t just stopping with the sharing of produce. It wants to establish community gardens that will teach children responsibility and other work skills they can use. But before Just One Tree can do any of this, they need to find more local trees.

Lemon trees are good because, according to their website, San Francisco consumes “over 25,000 tons of citrus a year” (http://justonetree.org/got-a-tree/). That’s a lot of citrus, and a lot of lemons being imported each year, especially when there are so many lemon trees in San Francisco, 234 to be exact, and the number keeps growing as more and more people register their trees. Just One Tree is starting with lemons, but they could move onto other produce. Their goal is to have everybody sharing their local produce so it’s cheaper and doesn’t have to be imported. Glen Park residents need to register their trees, there are definitely more than two lemon trees in this neighborhood, so register and eventually you’ll be rewarded by having access to other, locally grown, inexpensive, produce.

Just One Tree is focusing on lemons rights now, but Glen Park has lots of other plant life registered on www.urbanforestmap.org such as the Brisbane Box, the Evergreen Pear, Red Flowering Gum and many, many more trees, registered and unregistered. Glen Park residents need to take advantage of the healthy climate in this neighborhood and plant more lemon trees.

To register your lemon tree, go to www.justonetree.org. Not only can you register your lemon tree you will also get helpful tips on how to take care of it and delicious lemon recipes to try out.

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